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through the city attorney at the december 11 commission meet commission torres asked us to report back to see if p uc can used the two millions million dollars in park bound money allocated to lake -- last june an e-mail was sent to the city attorney asking if that opinion has been given and so far he has not received a response. to get an answer from the city attorney from this very important issue. for your information, commissioners, at the january 8 meeting of the park recreation and open space advisory committee, reckon park gave a 20 minute progresses report on capital planning for the year 2013. lake -- was not mentioned. reckon's park answer to my question about of the status of 2 million-dollar park bound money for lake merced, was that the park will not get around to looking at lake merced until sometime in august of this year eight months from now question for mr. kelly this is on the advance coco calendar you indicated that a commission workshop on lake merced would be held in about two months and didn't see any mention yet on the events calendar and so we hope that you
of the city, we really deeply appreciate the year of support that you have given us already last year and look forward to the continuing support of funding to backfill this. what it means to us specifically is that there's a long waiting list in the city. we have a long waiting list of people that need subsidized child care. a couple years ago it was about 3,000. right now it almost sits at 5,000 people waiting for child -- affordable child care slots. and the working families going to school, working very hard, if they didn't get this child care, specifically at our site, we would lose about 30 families and children. so, if they don't have subsidized child care, they might not be able to work, not go to school, not be productive citizens of san francisco. so, i urge you seriously to consider this for this year and in future years to help the families that we serve on a daily basis in san francisco because it makes a difference. and this city is taking leadership if you do support this. i appreciate the time and effort and hope you support this wholeheartedly. thank you. >> thank you very much
a three-quarter vote for us to issue more bonds. in addition to what julie has mentioned, while we want to constrain the costs, we have also been achieving a great deal of savings on our revenue bond issuances. we have refunded every revenue bond that we could, achieving $52 million of rate payer saving over the last three years. in addition, we sold sewer bonds on monday morning and we were the first city department to sell bond since the city's geo bond rating was upgraded. and the market received us very, very well. we saved rate payers over $150 million because of the aggressive bidding buyers wanted to buy san francisco sewer bonds. we achieved foreign rates at about 3.58%. so, while julie and i give you the good news and the bad news, we're balancing the budget and we want to do that to make sure rates stay as affordable as we can. >> another option we would have, too, supervisor, we have an ongoing capital program for our water enterprise and there's been question that some of the improvements in that program could be deferred slightly and some of the wsip improvements could be m
came over to puc, i brought it to the puc. and the whole issue was to really help us do small projects instead of doing plans and specs and going out and advertising, joc was the vehicle that you can actually perform that. and, so, we've been working, trying to include more local businesses. we went out with the -- we spearheaded the micro joc where it's a micro set aside for small businesses. and we've looked at bonding issues on joc. so, we've done a lot to really make joc, you know, palatable to a lot of small businesses. and what miguel mentioned, we are very proud about that. i think the issue, you know, as far as the audit is concerned is actually pointing out some things that we acknowledge and there are some thing we want to fix. there are some things we don't agree and we've said much that we don't agree, i think on one issue. but we i think -- we will take the responses of the contractors and also the gordon group and the ah auditor to make sure we address their issues. but i think overall it's a great program. it gives us the ability to do projects faster and save the rate p
as quickly as possible. so, please keep us informed on what's happening. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> thank you, commissioner. any other questions on this item? other commission business, item number 6? there being none, now we go to the long awaited report of the general manager. >> well, first i would like to recognize a very close friend of mine, a person who calls me in the morning or late at night to give me heads up about what's going on in the community. [laughter] >> and she's -- i've been knowing her for a very long time and she's been very instrumental in my life. i would like to call up dr. espinola jackson up here. (applause) >> she recently had a birthday party at her second home, the southeast community center, and it was hundreds of people there, several hundred because people -- she had it from 3:00 to 8:00. i brought the whole family. we had an opportunity to take a photo op with her, and i will be selling that on ebay. [laughter] >> but it was amazing program. it was well attended. it gave me opportunity to connect with a lot of people i haven't seen in a long ti
at the committee last year, last year, end of june, there was a consideration for using some of those funding from the state budget reserve for education as well for dealing with cuts in education. so that we had a vote early this year some of us on the board who had actually considered this funding to be appropriate for that. so, i would like to support this and would like to motion that we accept the budget analyst recommendations and move to the full board with recommendation. >> okay, we have a motion to accept the amendments proposed by the budget and legislative analyst. we can do that without opposition. and a motion to send the item number 6 as amended forward with recommendation to the full board and we can do that without opposition. all right, mr. clerk, can you please call item number 7? >> item number 7, resolution authorizing the general manager of the public utilities commission to execute a 20-year lease, for $52,324 annually with an annual increase of 4 percent, with los altos hotel associates, llc, for approximately 47,916 square feet of land known as bay division pipelines 3 and
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)

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